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Our Ethos

Here at Reed’s we believe in putting the most nourishing foods into our growing lives. This means that we grow using organic seeds, no synthetic sprays, and natural fertilizers sourced from the farm or surrounding areas to foster soil regeneration and optimal health for the produce we grow on historical land. We combine and weave together techniques gleaned from:


-market garden cultivation style

-bio-dynamic rhythms

-Korean natural farming techniques

-companion planting

- permaculture principles

-seasonal and native style growing


This culmination of ancient and intentional methods create our beyond organic ethos here at Reed’s Farm. Our work is devoted to breathing life back into the land that has sustained this community for generations. By doing so, we hope to sustain you and your family by providing beyond organically grown food to your home.


Reed's Kale in our Kale Tabouleh Salad

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