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We are Hiring:

Animal Enrichment Program Director (Full Time)


Reed’s Farm and Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organization and a regenerative farm that uses organic practices located in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. We aim to help the local community by creating a hub onsite that serves as an animal sanctuary, a platform for sustainable, organic farming and as an employer for individuals with special needs. We currently have a diverse and talented staff and are looking to fill the position of an Animal Enrichment Program Director.


The Animal Enrichment Program Director will be responsible for caring and overseeing animals at Reed’s Farm and Animal Sanctuary. They will pull through the vision of elevating the importance of animals in our world and specifically in our farm ecosystem.  This will include educating the farm members and patrons to the dignity of life of each animal on our farm.  


They will develop and manage a high-functioning team focused on the end-to-end management of our Sanctuary including work processes, policies, veterinary care, sanctuary supplies and establishing the team norms of managing the quality of life of our animals on the sanctuary.  This includes establishing a network of existing animal sanctuaries and animal rescues to leverage and exchange best practices.  The Director will be passionate about caring for the health of the sanctuary and for nurturing the team of paid employee and volunteers who support the sanctuary. 


They are responsible for creating and overseeing the implementation of plans of care of all animals in the Sanctuary.  This includes health and wellness protocols that span feeding, watering, grooming, training, rotating pens, medication administration and establishing a healthy animal habitat. The Animal Enrichment Program Director will supervise and coordinate the activities of the animal care team that may consist of volunteers and employees designated for animal care support.  


Duties of the Animal Enrichment Director include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating standards of care that support the optimal health (physical and mental) of our animals.  This includes a documented care plan for each animal or animal group inclusive of medication schedules, feeding schedules, grooming schedules, veterinary appointments and psychosocial needs and monitoring the successful implementation of set standards. 

  • Orchestrating an end-to-end operating model that will seamlessly oversee the care of the Sanctuary animals.  This will be accomplished through documented processes, policies and procedures that can be followed and sustained by a volunteer and paid worker framework.

  • Recruiting, coordinating and certifying animal volunteers via training protocols and standard of care administration procedures, safety precautions, etc.

  • Assigning animal care workers to daily tasks such as feeding, grooming animals, and cleaning and maintaining their animal headquarters.

  • Training other workers on the farm about animal care procedures and safety precautions.

  • Planning and budgeting the purchase of animal food and supplies

  • Preparing any necessary reports concerning the oversight and treatment of the animals. 

  • Providing oversight and/or Director volunteer and educational programs to promote the value of animals and the lives of the animals on our farm.

  • Investigating complaints and implementing needed revisions to current care methods. 

  • Overseeing the care of sick animals, including establishing plan of care discussions with veterinary professionals.

  • Identifying problems and possible solutions to maintain the highest standard of care for the animals within the sanctuary.  

  • Escalating issues to the Reeds Farm and Animal Sanctuary team and tracking the resolution of issues through to completion, including infrastructure needs/improvements/repairs to the animal environments and structures.

  • Coaching and mentoring direct reports and creating a happy, effective, efficient team of animal care employees.

  • Upskilling the volunteers and employees in animal care practices. 

  • Actively contributing to and participating in regular Reeds Farm weekly team meetings and assisting with promoting a healthy team culture across all Reeds Farm functions.

  • Leading regular animal care team meetings to ensure alignment of work and optimal team dynamics.

  • Provide scheduled performance reviews with staff.

  • Promoting the mission and vision of Reeds Organic Farm and Animal Sanctuary.

  • Suggesting and creating possible revenue streams in support of A Meaningful Purpose and the care of the animal sanctuary residents. 

  • Providing updates to our larger farm team and the board of A Meaningful Purpose.

Education and Training Requirements

The Animal Enrichment Program Director must have proven years of experience in taking care of all kinds of animals as well as leading a teams of people. We have an array of animals residing on the property and a background in farming, ranching, homesteading is highly valued for this position. The current animals on site that you would be responsible for are horses, mini horses, alpacas, mini pigs, ducks, guinea hens, chickens, doves, and a donkey. 


Knowledge and Skills Requirements

The Animal Enrichment Program Director must have an inherent love for animals and alignment to the vision of Reeds Farm and Animal Sanctuary. Directorship and management experience in managing teams of people is preferred in order to handle the entire animal sanctuary and the staff of paid and/or volunteer workers. Complementary skills in medicine are an asset but not required. An Animal Enrichment Program Director must have physical strength and stamina as well as the ability to work with a team of diverse people. Strong communication skills are required as well as a passion for growing a healthy, high-functioning, happy team.


The Director must be proficient in multi-tasking and able to effectively manage ambiguity. They are required to work in a cross-functional team environment where the good of the entire Reeds Farm is considered the optimal outcome.


Working Conditions

The Animal Enrichment Program Director will be able to clean and maintain animal shelters working alongside our current team. This work is primarily outdoors and in all weather conditions. This person will have to be available around 30-40 hours a week, both physically and on call in case of an animal emergency or impending weather conditions. 



Compensation for this position is based on experience and knowledge. Wage will be discussed during the interview process. 

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to

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