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Meet the Animals


Miniature Donkey

Violet was the first animal to arrive on the farm. She is a donkey and came from a race-horse breeding farm. She lived with the horses and was a companion to the broodmares.  Unfortunately, when the mares had their babies, they no longer wanted Violet around as they were forming their own family.  Donkeys are very social creatures and her caretaker wanted Violet to live in an environment where she no longer had to be alone.  

Violet has formed a great friendship with Pia and O’Brien and you will find them running and bucking around the pasture together. Their nickname is “The 3 Amigos” because they are seldom apart and are always getting into mischief!

Yippity and Dixie


Yippity and Dixie, our alpacas, are mother and daughter.  They had lived on an alpaca farm and when one of their human caretakers passed away, the family was no longer able to take care of them.  Two friends of Reed's Organic Farm generously rescued and donated them to us.


Alpacas are incredibly social animals, and they needed a new herd to call their own. If you listen

closely, you can hear them humming to communicate with each other. Now they spend their

days in the sun with their best friends Violet, Pia and O’Brien.

Pia and O'Brien

Miniature Horses

Our mini horses, Pia and O’Brien, were donated to us by a previous caretaker who went away to school and could no longer give them the amount of time that she knew that they needed. This pair are half brother and sister and are very bonded and hate to spend even one minute away from each other. They are a good team as Pia is full of sass and O’Brien goes along with anything! They are friendly and gentle and love a good rub in the morning.

Pia and O'Brien - Minature Horses - Reed's Organic Farm and Animal Sanctuary

The Hen Crew


The chickens who we refer to as our “Old Girls” are Rhode Island Reds and were our first chickens that we raised on Reeds Farm.   They are a beautiful rusted red color.   The Easter Eggers are a beautiful assortment of heritage breeds. All of the hens we have are popular for backyard coops, but prone to being abandoned when they stop laying their multi-colored 

eggs.   However, our chickens will be with us throughout their natural egg-laying and non-egg-laying lives!  They play an important role on our working farm as their daily physical functions provide a tremendous source of nitrogen to the soil and they are champions of turning the soil just by scratching and pecking it!

Did you know that chickens can recognize around 100 faces? Each of our hens have a distinct personality, but they all enjoy taking dust baths and exploring their playground.

The Rooster Crew


The Roosters are typically the first ones up and the last ones to bed. Usually found strutting their stuff around the chicken yard, they scan the area for danger, look for tasty bugs, and hang out with all their hen-friends. Roosters are banned in most cities because of the noise, but our crew is free to crow!  We have a couple of our “bachelor” Roosters who have moved in together and live harmoniously away from the hens.  Make sure that you check them all out!

Rooster at Reed's Organic Farm
Fluff - Polish Bantam Chicken - At Reed's Organic Farm and Animal Sanctuary


Polish Bantam Chicken

Big Fluff is a Polish bantam chicken that was dropped off by her caretaker as the rest of her fellow hens were no longer alive.  Our existing chicken did not warmly welcome Big Fluff into their flock, so she lived alone on our farm receiving much attention and care from our human family.  You will see Big Fluff scurrying around and making a noisy fuss as she keeps her forever home clean. 

The Duck Crew

Pekin and Mallard Ducks

We have several duck breeds, many which are of the Pekin breed, with a variety of personal histories.  Some of our mallard ducks flew into our sanctuary on their own.  One of our Pekin ducks flew up on a patron’s lap at a park, obviously lost and looking for help and shelter.  He was brought to the farm – his name is Tomko!    

Did you know the most famous Pekin Duck is Donald Duck? 

Our ducks love spending time floating in the pond, sleeping next to the marsh grass and running around trying to “quack us up” with their antics.

The Guinea Fowl Crew

Guinea Fowl

The guinea fowl came to the farm as chicks. They are very important members of the farm

family as they scurry about eating ticks and fleas that may otherwise find a home on our animal residents. Guinea fowl can fly but they would rather run away from a nearby predator or threat!

You will often see them running through the fields and front garden area. Lookout, guinea hens coming through!


Great Pyrenees

Callie is our Great Pyrenees Farm Dog and protector. Callie came to the farm after her original caretaker passed away. Callie is a fun-loving, hard-working, nurturing member of our farm family.

She is learning how to protect the other animals by alerting us with barks when strangers that are animals or other intruders that come close to her family. She does have a goofy side, too, and loves to toss and catch her own ball and roll in the mud.


Anatolian Shepherd

 Mitra is an Anatolian Shepherd.  His job is to protect our animal crew from the predators we share our environment with. Anatolian Shepherds are a Turkish dog breed that is also known as a Kangal.

The Dove Crew

White Doves

In the Winter of 2020, two white doves appeared at our Animal Sanctuary and took shelter in our duck house.  A few days later, the doves flew off and returned with an additional dove. This process continued over several months, the flock flying off and returning with new members at dusk. Then in the spring, the doves reproduced! We now have approximately 12 white doves that grace our presence. These doves represent many things we believe in at Reeds Organic Farm and Animal Sanctuary, peace, love and hope. The tranquility we all experience at the farm is heightened when we see these beautiful birds grace our skies!

White Doves - Reed's Organic Farm and Animal Sanctuary
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