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Chicken Care Specialist


Reed’s Organic Farm is a nonprofit regenerative farm and animal sanctuary located in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.  Our location is uniquely suited for our mission in our community, which is to become essentially a community hub for organic healthy food and an educational resource. Our vision involves working with underserved community members through programming and workforce development as well as helping to build a healthier food system with focus on nearby Atlantic City. We are eager to begin the next phase of operations with a new commercial kitchen and market being built in our pole barn. 



Reed’s Farm and Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organization and a regenerative farm that uses organic practices located in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. We aim to help the local community by creating a hub onsite that serves as an animal sanctuary, a platform for sustainable, organic farming and as an employer for individuals with special needs. We are seeking a dedicated and responsible individual to join our farm as a Chicken Care Specialist. As a Chicken Care Specialist, you will be responsible for the overall care and well-being of the chickens and doves on our farm. This position requires attention to detail, a strong work ethic, and a genuine passion for animal care.

1. Daily Care and Feeding:

   - Provide daily care for approximately 120 chickens, including 50 in a converted bus coop, 50 in a run-in shed, 2 roosters, and a small flock of 7.

   - Prepare and distribute mash feed to each group of chickens in the morning.

   - Ensure all drinking water containers are emptied, cleaned, and refilled daily.

   - Feed and provide care for the flock of white doves.

2. Nesting Box Maintenance:

   - Collect eggs from nesting boxes and empty them.

   - Refill nesting boxes with clean straw to ensure a comfortable and hygienic environment.

3. Cleaning and Manure Management:

Daily rake the floor of the bus,  red coop, & others to remove manure.

Daily rake the area under and around the bus, red coop. & others to maintain cleanliness.

   - Dispose of collected manure in the designated compost area.

4. Feed Management:

   - Refill feed and scratch containers located near the bus & red coop. 

   - Ensure the food container inside the bus coop is kept full.

- Previous experience working with chickens or other livestock is preferred.

- Basic knowledge of chicken care, including feeding, watering, and cleaning processes.

- Physical ability to handle manual labor tasks, including lifting heavy feed bags, raking, and cleaning.

- Strong attention to detail and the ability to follow instructions accurately.

- Ability to work independently and responsibly with minimal supervision.

- Good organizational and time management skills.

- A genuine passion for animal care and welfare.


this position is : hourly, $15/hr + depending on experience

Note: This job description is a general outline of the duties and responsibilities associated with the Chicken Care Specialist position. It is not an exhaustive list, and additional tasks may be assigned as needed.

To apply, send a resume and an explanation of why you'd like to join the team to &

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