Frequently asked questions

Can I feed the animals?

No, our animals are on specific diets and they are well fed by our farm staff. Many of our animals are "minis" which means that excess weight can be damaging to their health.

Can I enter the animal enclosures?

No, to keep both our animals and visitors safe we do not allow anyone to enter their enclosures.

How do I get involved at the farm?

We have regular volunteer opportunities in our farm's market. If interested, send an email to marilyn@reedsorganicfarm.org. We also have regular volunteer opportunities working with our animals, but ONLY if you have prior experience working with farm animals. We have occasional, seasonal volunteer opportunities working in our fields. Check out our "Volunteer" page if you are interested in volunteering! There is a form you can fill out, as well as more details regarding these opportunities.

Are you certified organic?

We are not currently certified, though we observe all organic practices and we will be working towards future certification.

Are you an animal rescue/adoption center?

No, we are an animal sanctuary, which means we provide a home for a limited number of animals to live their lives at the farm, free from harm. We do not take in rescue animals or send our animals home with farm visitors.

What can I do on a farm visit?

Shop at our market, observe our animals, have a picnic on the property, and explore the grounds.

Where are you located?

The farm's entrance is on Spruce Ave. off of Mill Rd. Please enter "Reed's Organic Farm" as the destination in your map app.

Can I bring my dog to the farm?

Dogs are welcome to come to the farm, but they must remain on their leash and they cannot be brought beyond our market space. Please be aware that we have dogs that live on the farm, along with free range birds.

Can I touch your tractors/farm equipment?

No--our farm equipment, especially tractors, can be very dangerous and expensive. Only trained farm staff can access this equipment. Please stay out of all areas marked "employees only" including tractor bay and animal enclosures. This is for your safety.

How can my organization/school/company partner with yours?

We have programming partnerships with a number of local organizations, schools, and companies. These partnerships can involve classes, volunteer sessions, farm tours, camps, etc. Reach out to melanie@reedsorganicfarm.org if you are interested in a programming partnership.

Do you accept used egg cartons?