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Do you know what it takes to build and sustain a working farm?

Our goal and how you can help:

Our Farm is a platform that provides moments that matter…

Think of a moment when someone did something for you.  Something that delighted you, sparked deeper thinking, or a deeper soul-felt feeling.  This is a moment that matters, a pivotal moment in a person's life that has the power to change its course.

Our farm is about those defining moments.  

We want to reach deep into our community and give the opportunity to experience these thought-provoking and perhaps life-changing moments to anyone that steps onto our farm…... Whether it be those we engage through our growing programing opportunities, to those that stop out to shop for organic produce and say hi to our potbellied pigs, Clementine and Rosebud, or any of our other furry or feathered friends.

Please consider helping us with any of the following projects or ongoing expenses.

High Priority Projects

  • Horse barn for equine therapy - $180k

  • Pole barn - $75k

  • Hay baling equipment - $35k

  • Seeder - $25k

  • Duck pond - $5k SOLD

  • Compost turner - $35k SOLD

  • Irrigation system - $25k SOLD

  • ​Produce wash station and electrical update - $10k SOLD

  • Deer fencing - $25k

  • Completion of kitchen Market – $100k

  • Walk behind rototiller - $4k

  • Chicken tractor for 600 chickens - $30k

Annual Operating Costs

  • Workforce development and programming - $60k

  • Animal care and feeding - $25k

  • Seeds and amendments - $21k

  • Utilities - $20k

  • Greenhouse heating/cooling -$20k

  • Vet care - $20k

  • Farm insurance (liability) - $16k

  • Health insurance (employees) - $30k

  • Workers compensation - $20k

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