Programming Initatives 

Reed's Organic Farm is driven by a dual mission--to provide Atlantic County with a source of locally and organically grown produce, and to enhance both the physical and mental wellbeing of our communities through fostering a relationship with nature.  Growing vegetables promotes healthful eating--but it is the process of engaging with the plant world that can promote a meaningful purpose in our lives.  We work with regional stakeholders to bring agricultural education to our neighbors, especially those who may be overlooked due to their differences.  As farmers, we know it is a privilege to have a strong relationship with our environment, and it is our mission to share this relationship with our wonderful programming partners, detailed below.

If you are interested in supporting programming initiatives through donating, volunteering, or partnering, please contact melanie@reedsorganicfarm.org.

Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City

Our partnership with the Boys and Girls Club includes year round  programming events focusing on gardening, arts, and nutrition.  This  partnership culminated in a 2021 farm-to-table summer camp in partnership with  the Teen Center.  We hosted a 6-week summer camp for 10 teens, in which  we maintained gardens at the Farm and Teen Center, and explored farm-to table culinary arts.

JEVS HireAbility

JEVS HireAbility provides career services to individuals with physical,  developmental, or emotional challenges as well as those facing adverse socio economic conditions including unemployment.  A Meaningful Purpose hosted  a summer internship program in partnership with JEVS—we employed 5 of  their clients for an 8-week vocational training program on the Farm.  Some of  these interns continue to volunteer at the farm, and we aim to employ them  in our market.

Y.A.L.E. School

Y.A.L.E. School’s Northfield Campus serves students with one or a  combination of emotional, behavioral, social, or learning disabilities.  We  partner with Y.A.L.E. to host summer internship programs (also in  partnership with JEVS), and we will utilize their vocational training  workshop to produce farm merchandise and fundraising materials, including  a laser-engraved handicap accessible boardwalk.

Mainland Regional High School Special Needs Program

During the 2021 school year, we engaged in monthly zoom lessons with  MRHS Special Needs Program, in which we conveyed seasonal tasks on the Farm.  We also hosted two of these students as interns, in partnership with Jewish Family Services, for Summer 2021.  This school year, we will be hosting two classes for regular volunteer days, including seasonal lessons and craft activities.  These two classes include MHRS's Special Needs Program and Behavioral classes.

Atlantic County Youth Workforce Division

The Farm hosted a vocational training internship for young adults in Atlantic  County during Summer 2021.  We employed 2 interns for 8 weeks, and will participate in this  program again during the summer of 2021.  This experience provides interns with transferable vocational skills and acclimates them to proper workplace conduct.

Gloves on the Ground

Our Farm is the site of GOTG's Peace & Unity Garden, which is cultivated using seeds sourced from nations of global conflict, This garden has been designed in partnership with Damon Smith, a veteran  and educator.  His mission promotes healing through garden work, while cultivating plants that are native to global conflict zones, grown in an effort to humanize these cultures and bring healing to those impacted by violent conflict. 

Jefferson University Masters of Nutrition Program

Our Farm has formed a 5-year agreement with Jefferson University to serve  as a preceptor site for their new Masters of Nutrition program.  We will host  graduate students in this program throughout the school year, in a variety of  

classes including Environmental Sustainability and Nutrition Education.   These students will learn about the importance of local farming in supporting  the health of communities, as well as the health of the environment.