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Programming at A Meaningful Purpose

Through our programs on and off the Farm, we aim to improve the health and happiness of our community. We partner with local schools and organizations to provide agricultural education and vocational opportunities to students and young adults.


Vocation Exploration

Our farm is a platform to empower young people embarking on their career pathways. We use our kitchen, market, farm, and animal sanctuary as resources to help our participants explore their interests and gain transferable job and life skills. Our programs are inclusive of people with developmental disabilities, a population that experiences significant levels of underemployment.


Youth Education

We’re cultivating tomorrow’s stewards and inspiring a lifelong appreciation for our shared environment. Through urban gardens, on-farm agriculture lessons, nutritional and culinary education, and botanical arts, we encourage our students to engage with nature’s abundance. Our year round classes fuel our students’ interest in agriculture and provide hands-on skill enrichment.


Community Enrichment

We're on a mission to boost the physical and mental well-being of our community through a nurturing connection with nature. Join us for educational events and hands-on workshops.

Support Our Programs

Our donors make this work possible.

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