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Ways to Contribute

We continue to work very hard to provide the best environments for all of our animals.  Here are some of our immediate animal enrichment needs and ways that you can help us!


Fencing for our horses - $5,500.  

Doc’s soulmate and protector, Belmont, recently passed away.  It was a great loss for us and for Doc.  We know that Doc needs another companion and there are many horses in need of a forever home.  In order to be ready to welcome our new sanctuary horse, we have to provide sturdy fencing to provide the best enclosure for the two of them. 


Duck Ponds - $6,000 each – 2 needed - SOLD!

While we currently have one large duck pond, we are in need of two smaller ones.  We have a population of ducks who often come in and out of our rehabilitation area with various medical conditions that require removal from the general population for focused care, observation and rest from living with a larger flock. Some of these ducks may always live in our rehabilitation area and a filtered pond is required for their convalescence and ongoing happy life as a duck.  


Chicken Coop - $ 7,000

Our chickens have outgrown our pink coop.  While we would love to use our existing hand-built coop, it’s becoming too crowded and does not meet standard space requirements.  The chicken coop that we would like to purchase is built to last for decades and will protect our hens and provide the appropriate space.  


Solar water heaters $ 850 each – 3 needed

Caring for animals in the winter becomes a challenge, especially when it comes to keeping their water from icing up.   We are constantly battling the elements, refilling waters and coming up with less than optimal solutions to keep their water from freezing.  We would like to purchase an eco-responsible way to keep our residents’ water drinkable during the cold months. 

Monthly feed $2,200 - monthly

We continually assess the nutritional requirements of all of our animals and try to provide them with the best nourishment that meets their unique, individual requirements.  

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