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Youth Education

Students embark on a journey of discovery through our garden-based learning programs. From seed starting to harvesting and cooking, we inspire young minds to embrace sustainable agriculture, learn healthy eating habits, and engage with nature.

The Need


Harvest of the Month

Eco Craft and Create

We introduce young people to seasonal crops and healthy eating behaviors to support childhood nutrition and food security initiatives. Harvest of the Month invites students to expand their palates by tasting a seasonal, farm-grown produce item through culinary applications. Students also learn about the crop’s cultural and historical significance.

Farm Friends

Participants engage with nature through artistic expression and explore the ways that we can preserve, elevate, and celebrate our farm’s harvest. Using the farm’s ornamental and edible gardens, we transform our crops into farm-to-table dishes and artistic creations. This program aims to provide participants with valuable life skills, as well as an opportunity to explore career pathways and hobbies.

We invite schools, community organizations, and businesses to visit and explore our farm using all of their senses. Our field trips & group volunteer days teach the importance of supporting local, regenerative agriculture.

Our Parters

Support Our Educational Programs

Our donors make our work possible.

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