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The chickens who we refer to as our “Old Girls” are Rhode Island Reds and were our first chickens that we raised on Reeds Farm. They are a beautiful rusted red color. The Easter Eggers are a beautiful assortment of heritage breeds. All of the hens we have are popular for backyard coops, but prone to being abandoned when they stop laying their multi-colored eggs.


However, our chickens will be with us throughout their natural egg-laying and non-egg-laying lives! They play an important role on our working farm as their daily physical functions provide a tremendous source of nitrogen to the soil and they are champions of turning the soil just by scratching and pecking it! Did you know that chickens can recognize around 100 faces? Each of our hens have a distinct personality, but they all enjoy taking dust baths and exploring their playground.


Check out some more photos of the animals you'll see when you visit the farm!

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