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Reed's Farm is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting regenerative agriculture and sustainable living. Our mission is to restore the health of our land and our community by implementing eco-friendly farming practices. 

We believe that by nurturing the soil and growing organic produce, we can provide healthy food options while also educating the community on the importance of environmental stewardship. Our farm serves as a living laboratory where people can learn about and participate in sustainable agriculture, fostering a deeper connection between people and the land.

Our vision extends beyond farming. We aim to create a hub for community engagement and education, where individuals of all ages can come together to learn, grow, and share.

By incorporating various programs, such as vocational training, agricultural education, and animal-assisted therapy, we strive to address broader social issues and improve the overall well-being of our community.

Our holistic approach ensures that we are not only producing healthy food but also cultivating a healthy community.



​At Reed's Organic Farm, our mission is built on the pillars of sustainability, regeneration, and community.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, as we practice farming methods that minimize environmental impact and ensure the long-term health of our ecosystems. This includes reducing waste through composting and recycling, and conserving water with efficient irrigation systems.

Regenerative agriculture is a guiding philosophy at Reed's Organic Farm. By focusing on soil health, biodiversity, and ecological balance, we seek to regenerate the land and create a thriving environment. Techniques such as cover cropping and no-till farming help restore soil structure, increase organic matter, and sequester carbon, making our farm more resilient to climate change. 

Community engagement is fundamental to our mission. We provide educational programs, coordinate volunteer opportunities, and host social events that foster a strong, inclusive community. By collaborating with local schools, businesses, and organizations, we develop programs that meet the diverse needs of those who live our region, from vocational training for individuals with cognitive disabilities to food distribution initiatives that address local food insecurity.



Looking ahead, we aim to expand our regenerative farming practices, increase community engagement, and develop new programs that address emerging needs. Our vision is to create a sustainable, inclusive, and thriving community centered around Reed's Farm.

We envision a future where Reed's Farm serves as a national model for sustainable agriculture and community development. Our long-term plans include expanding our educational outreach, enhancing our facilities, and building new partnerships.

By staying true to our core values and embracing innovation, we aim to make lasting contributions to environmental and social well-being.



Here at Reed’s, we believe in producing the most nourishing food possible. This means that we grow using organic seeds, do not use synthetic sprays, and employ natural fertilizers sourced from the farm or surrounding areas to foster soil regeneration and optimal health for the produce we grow on historical land.

We combine and weave together techniques gleaned from:

-No-Till Farming

-Market Garden Cultivation Style

-Bio-Dynamic Rhythms

-Korean Natural Farming Techniques

-Companion Planting

-Permaculture Principles

-Seasonal and Native-Style Growing

This culmination of ancient and intentional methods create our beyond-organic ethos here at Reed’s Farm. We are devoted to breathing life back into the land that has sustained this community for generations. By doing so, we hope to sustain our community with beyond organically grown food.


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