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Join the team at Reed's Farm! We're always looking for passionate individuals who share our commitment to nurturing the land and producing high-quality, organic food.


Whether you're an experienced farmer, a budding agriculturalist, or someone with a love for the outdoors and a willingness to learn, there's a place for you here. Discover the rewards of working in a supportive environment, where every day brings new opportunities to grow and make a positive impact. 



Step into the vibrant world of Reed's Farm through our volunteering program. This is your chance to dive into the heart of regenerative farming and experience the magic of hands-on work. As a volunteer, you'll connect with nature, our animals, and a community that shares your passion for sustainability.


Whether you're planting seeds, tending to our gardens, or assisting with events, your contributions will have a lasting impact. Enjoy the fresh air, learn valuable skills, and become part of our farm family. Your time and effort help us grow, and in return, you'll find joy, fulfillment, and a sense of belonging.



Looking for a rewarding career in sustainable agriculture? Reed's Farm offers a range of opportunities for individuals eager to make a difference. Here, you can develop your skills and advance your career while working in a supportive environment that encourages innovation. Whether you're interested in fieldwork, farm management, or agricultural research, you'll find a role that suits your aspirations. Join us to be part of a farm that values innovation, community, and environmental stewardship.

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