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Job Description:

We are seeking a dedicated and compassionate individual to join our farm as an Animal Caretaker. As an Animal Caretaker, you will be responsible for the overall care, feeding, and maintenance of various animals on our farm, including chickens, ducks, alpacas, horses, mini pigs, mini horses, and a mini donkey. This position requires a strong work ethic, excellent animal handling skills, and the ability to work independently.




1. Daily Animal Care:

   - Feed and provide water to all animals on a regular schedule, ensuring they receive appropriate and balanced nutrition.

   - Clean and maintain animal enclosures, including stalls, coops, and pens.

   - Monitor the overall health and well-being of the animals, reporting any concerns or unusual behavior to the director.

   - Administer medications and treatments as directed by the veterinarian.

   - Handle, restrain, and lead animals for veterinary examinations, farrier visits, and other necessary procedures.


2. Farm Maintenance:

   - Perform daily cleaning of stalls, coops, and pens, including removing manure, soiled bedding, and debris.

   - Assist with general farm maintenance tasks, such as fence repair, equipment cleaning, and pasture management.

   - Ensure a clean and organized environment for the animals and visitors.


3. Animal Health and Welfare:

   - Observe animals for signs of illness, injury, or distress and report any concerns to the director.

   - Maintain accurate records of animal health, treatments, and other relevant information.

   - Assist with grooming, bathing, and basic grooming tasks as required.


4. Public Interaction and Communication:

   - Interact with the public, providing information about the farm, animals, and their care.

   - Answer questions from visitors regarding animal behavior, husbandry practices, and farm operations.

   - Ensure a positive and educational experience for visitors while promoting animal welfare and conservation.


5. Self-Driven and Decision Making:

   - Work independently and take initiative in completing assigned tasks and identifying areas that require attention.

   - Make informed decisions regarding animal care and welfare, seeking guidance from the director when necessary.

   - Prioritize tasks effectively and manage time to ensure all duties are completed efficiently.



- Previous experience in animal care, preferably with a variety of farm animals.

- Strong animal handling skills and the ability to safely restrain and lead animals.

- Knowledge of animal health and welfare, including basic medical procedures and administering medications.

- Physical ability to perform manual labor tasks, such as lifting feed bags and cleaning animal enclosures.

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to interact positively with the public.

- Self-driven and able to work independently with minimal supervision.

- Strong decision-making skills and the ability to prioritize tasks effectively.

- Flexibility to work weekends, holidays, and occasional evenings as required.


Note: This job description is a general outline of the duties and responsibilities associated with the Animal Caretaker position. It is not an exhaustive list, and additional tasks may be assigned as needed.



this position is : hourly, commensurate with experience

To apply, send a resume + a bit about why you'd like to join the team to: 

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