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Support Our Mission

A Meaningful Purpose at Reed’s Farm is a farm, community hub, and educational center at the forefront of the regenerative agriculture movement in New Jersey. We believe in enhancing the physical and mental well-being of our community by rekindling a connection with nature.

Get Involved

There are many ways to support Reed’s Farm, from visiting the farm and market to contributing to support our work.

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Make a Donation

Make a one-time donation to support our programs and farm.


In Memorial

Honor a loved one with an onsite memorial gift.


Monthly Donors

We will be launching our Monthly Donor program soon!

The Need

Our on-farm programming helps our local community gain new skills, learn regenerative farming practices, and support our neighbors with access to local producers and healthy food sources. When you become a donor, you’re supporting our core initiatives.

Vocational Training

inclusive of Individuals with Development Disabilities

Individuals with Developmental Disabilities experience 85% unemployment rates. Donors support vocational educational programs that help them to find and keep a job, develop their skills and confidence, and navigate workplace challenges.

Agriculture Education

For Young Students and Aspiring Farmers

Atlantic County is home to 22 school districts with 43,000 students, many in urban communities and most without access to agriculture education. Onsite programming teaches students and aspiring farmers sustainable agricultural practices to bring back to their own neighborhoods and help develop their career paths.

Conservation Agriculture

Organic Practices for a Sustainable Ag Model

Traditional farming methods cause harm to our environment and reduce yields over time. Our farm is a living example of sustainable agriculture, aiming to reduce chemicals, preserve biodiversity, and improve soil health for a brighter future.

Animal Sanctuary

For Elderly or Injured Farm Animals

As farm animals age or if they are born with disabilities, they are often put down or surrendered. Our sanctuary for homeless and special-needs animals allows them to live out their days and creates a model for the future of farm animal welfare.

Our Community

A Hub for Neighbors to Learn, Plant, and Prosper

Reed’s Farm aspires to be the heart of our community’s engagement, where neighbors come together to learn, grow, and access healthy foods. We offer the opportunity to connect with local makers, chefs, artists, and other farmers while learning about sustainable agriculture practices first-hand.

Thanks to Our Partners

We are incredibly grateful to our donors and corporate partners, without whom our work would not be possible.

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