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Animal Sanctuary

Reed's Farm and Animal Sanctuary has considered and tailored many best practices for our sanctuary in alignment with the Open Sanctuary Project. We honor the diversity of the animal sanctuary movement while also providing a specific framework for Reed's Farm and Animal Sanctuary.  

We aim to provide the best, quality care to our animal residents throughout the remainder of their life on this earth and to elevate the importance of our residents and their breed through community education.

These efforts are based upon three pillars: 

  • Animal Enrichment - provide a safe and enriching haven for each animal and animal group at Reed’s Farm through excellence in veterinary care, nourishing environments, encouragement of intrinsic animal behaviors, and freedom from undue harm. 

  • Ecological Sustainability - provide fiscally and ecologically responsible care, based on individual and group resident animal needs and to afford quality of life and permanent shelter. The impact to the earth, community and surrounding wildlife is paramount. At this time, Reed’s Farm does not partake in being the broker of fostering and adopting of animals or breeding of animals.

  • Education of the Community, Children and Individuals of All Abilities- provide opportunities to welcome and educate individuals and small groups to the mission of Reed’s Farm and Animal Sanctuary. 


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