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Students embark on a journey of discovery through our garden-based learning programs. From seed starting to harvesting and cooking, we inspire young minds to embrace sustainable agriculture, learn healthy eating habits, and spend time outdoors.


Our educational programs promote respect for the environment and an understanding of how critical a local food system is for human and ecological health.  These values are taught through a gardening lens, while introducing students to nutritious recipes that highlight the joy of eating vegetables–especially when they are grown by our students themselves!

The following statistics indicate how important environmental education is for human and environmental health:

  • Agriculture contributes 21-37% of annual greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

  • The CDC reports that 1 in 5 children and adolescents are impacted by obesity, a number driven by a lack of access to affordable healthy foods.

  • An analysis conducted by Stanford University in 2017 found that the following benefits were consistently attributed to environmental education programs:
    -Improved academic performance
    -Enhanced critical thinking skills
    -Development of personal growth and life-building skills
    -Increased civic engagement and positive environmental behaviors 

We introduce young people to seasonal crops and healthy eating behaviors to support childhood nutrition and food security initiatives. Harvest of the Month invites students to expand their palates by tasting a seasonal, farm-grown produce item through culinary applications. Students also learn about the crop’s cultural and historical significance.


Atlantic County Special Services

Atlantic County Institute of Technology

Cape May County Special Services

Cape May County Institute of Technology 

Coastal Cousins Heritage Gardens

Egg Harbor Township High School Special Education

Jefferson University Masters of Nutrition Program

Kingsway Learning Center

Mainland Regional High School Special Education

Northfield Community School Special Education

Ocean City High School Special Education

Texas Avenue School

Yale School


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