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At Reed's Farm, we are proud to offer several types of programs, which include vocational programs for individuals with developmental, intellectual and behavioral disabilities, youth agricultural education programs, and community engagement programs.


Our vocational programs provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to develop valuable skills and foster a deep connection with nature. In operating our agricultural education program, Reed's partners with local schools and organizations to offer students hands-on learning experiences that emphasize regenerative agriculture and environmental stewardship. Additionally, Reed's Farm hosts a variety of events and workshops designed to bring people together, promoting sustainable agricultural concepts and practices, healthy living, and a shared appreciation for the natural world.


At Reed's Farm, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for individuals with developmental, behavioral and intellectual disabilities. Our specialized programs provide meaningful and engaging activities tailored to the unique abilities and interests of each participant. Our goal is to offer enriching opportunities that promote personal growth, skill development, and a deeper connection with nature.

Our programs emphasize the therapeutic benefits of working with the land and animals, fostering a sense of accomplishment and well-being. We collaborate with families, caregivers, and local organizations to ensure that our programs are accessible and beneficial. By participating in our vocational programs, individuals with developmental disabilities can enjoy the numerous physical, emotional, and social benefits of being part of our vibrant farm community.

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