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Embrace healthy living through a harmonious connection with nature. From engaging educational events to hands-on workshops, the farm doubles as a community classroom to learn the staples of regenerative agriculture and healthy eating.


In today's technologically-driven society, intentional time spent in nature is more important and more scarce than ever. We invite our community to make the time to connect with nature by engaging in our public opportunities at Reed's.

The positive impacts of access to nature are well documented, and the American Psychological Association reports the following benefits can be attributed to time spent in nature:


  • Spending time in nature is linked to both cognitive benefits and improvements in mood, mental health and emotional well-being.

  • Feeling connected to nature can produce similar benefits to well-being, regardless of how much time one spends outdoors.

  • Both green spaces and blue spaces (aquatic environments) produce well-being benefits. More remote and biodiverse spaces may be particularly helpful, though even urban parks and trees can lead to positive outcomes.

Join us each month for exciting hands-on workshops, where you can delve into topics like herbalism, sustainable gardening, land management and the joy of healthy cooking. These workshops are designed to foster a vibrant community committed to a future of healthy living.


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