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Sponsor an Animal! 

For those who want a unique gift to give or to just put a friendly face to giving and make a more enduring difference, you can sponsor one of our animals for the full 2022 year!  


Your annual sponsorship will help cover the cost of feeding, shelter, daily care, and any routine or emergency veterinary care for your special friend in 2022.  


Throughout the year, we will proudly display your name, or someone you choose to honor, on your animal friend’s home at Reeds Farm and on our social media and website platforms. It is the perfect gift for someone on your list!


With your gift, you will receive a sponsorship package with a photo and more information about the animal you have sponsored.  When you arrange to visit your special friend at the farm, a member of our animal care team will personally greet you to provide updates on your friend’s wellbeing and on the overall activities at Reeds Organic Farm and Animal Sanctuary.

How to sponsor an animal

Click any of the links in the "2022 Sponsorship Cost" column to be redirected to our Square page, where you can make a payment.  If you would like to pay via check, please make the payment out to "A Meaningful Purpose" and put the animal's name in the note line. Checks can be mailed to:

5075 Spruce Ave, EHT, NJ 08234

Any questions about animal sponsorship can be sent to:

 Beth at


2022 Sponsorship Cost


Pia & O'Brien
Yippitee & Dixie
Clementine & Rosebud
Flock of Ducks
Flock of Chickens
The "Bachelors" 
Callie, Mitra & Marla
Elderly Tennessee Walking Horse with health issues
Retired Racehorse and Doc's companion
Donkey and first to arrive on Reed's Organic Farm
Highly bonded brother and sister Mini-Horses
A dynamic mother and daughter alpaca duo
Vietnamese pot-bellied pig sisters
Pekin and Mallard ducks
Flock of Rhode Island Reds and Easter Eggers
Early risers! Easter egger males who live in their own bachelor pad
Great protector canines! 

With your generous support, Reeds will not only responsibly shelter the animals that count on us through the winter months, but will be positioned to help those with special needs through our animal programming on an ongoing basis.


This season, please become part of our story - one of helping others, reclaiming the soil and finding meaningful purpose in challenging times.

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