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Event Recap: Herbal Garden Walks

Last month, we hosted our first two Herbal Garden Walks, led by our resident herbalist, Leah Martin. In spite of the heat, small but mighty groups of plant enthusiasts joined us, embracing the opportunity to connect with nature and explore our vibrant herb garden.

As guests arrived, they were welcomed with a cup of refreshing iced herbal tea made from herbs and flowers grown at Reed’s, setting the tone for a relaxed and sensory-rich experience. Our herb garden, filled with a lush collection of mainly perennial herbs, shapeshifts weekly as we harvest plants for both herbal products and culinary purposes. This dynamic environment ensures that every Herbal Garden Walk provides a unique experience.

Our garden was alive with the vibrant colors and scents of bee balm, chamomile, clary sage, mint, lemon balm, lavender, and other aromatic plants. Leah guided the group through the area, encouraging them to fully engage their senses. Participants enjoyed the visual delight of colorful blooms, the calming scents of the herbs, and the tactile sensation of rolling leaves and flower petals between their fingers.

The highlight for many was learning about the supportive properties of these plants and discovering how the team at Reed’s prepares them for various uses. Used in everything from soothing teas and healing salves to incredible culinary creations, our herbs possess remarkable versatility. Leah's expertise and passion for herbalism shone through as she shared insights and answered questions, making the experience both informative and fun.

Both groups we've hosted so far this season have expressed how much they enjoyed the educational and enriching sensory experience delivered via participation in our Herbal Garden Walks. We're excited to continue sharing the beauty and benefits of our herb garden with more visitors throughout the season. If you missed these ones, don't worry—there are more Herbal Garden Walks on the horizon! You can sign up here.


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